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How to tell the sex of a parakeet

How to tell the sex of a parakeet
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  if youve brought home a little parakeet to add to your family you likely want to name it. Doing so means that you need to know the gender of your parakeet. Several small clues that help you determine whether your parakeet is a girl or boy, but the age of the bird is also critical. If you have one, you might be curious as to whether its male or female for naming purposes. And if you want to breed parakeets, you will definitely need to be able to tell if a parakeet is male or female. Quaker parakeets (myiopsitta monachus) also go by the name monk parakeet. Native to south america, these parrots have successfully established feral colonies in places like brooklyn and chicago. Some people breed and keep monk parakeets as pets, but laws vary by state. There are only two ways to accurately determine the sex of a quaker parakeet. How to tell the gender of a parakeet (other than budgies) tell the gender of a bourkes parakeet (neopsephotus bourkii) figuring out whether a bourkes parakeet is male or female can be a challenge and the most accurate way is definitely to opt for a dna test. There are, however, some visual and behavioral indicators that can help you out. Parakeet sexing can be a tricky business, but there are two methods that can be used to accurately sex a parakeet through tissue samples collected from feathers or through blood samples. Mature parakeets may also be sexed visually by their physical characteristics, although this method is not as accurate. For a long time, keeping birds as pets was only a hobby for the wealthy. Then sailors from portugal brought canaries to europe, and made keeping birds as pets possible for all classes of people. Since the beginning of bird domestication, finding out how to tell the sex of a parakeet and other types of birds has been important for pet owners. The most reliable way to tell a baby budgies gender is to look at the area around the nostrils. Dont expect to see bright, definitive rings they can be faint, but if you look closely youll see white. Sexing parakeets picture 3 to prove that the blue cere shown in image 1 (first sexing parakeets image)was not just the result of the birds overall blue feather coloration, here is another image ofa male parakeet. The feathers of this bird are green and yellow, but the cere is still brightblue, in keeping with the sex of the male parakeet. How to tell the difference between a male and a female parakeet. Often called budgies, parakeets are so playful that they are fun to watch. If you want to keep them in pairs, this birdeden write-up is for you.

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